Monday, 11 July 2011

animation exercises

I and Katerina are working at BUG in Bergen for June/July before we go down to Luxembourg to work some at Fabrique. Bug was really kind and took us on on a really short notice. Whenever I had some spear time I started working at this digital hand drawn animation exercise. The idea was  to experiment some more with going more extreme (smear frames, extreme movements and poses) as well as to try to get a character go into a hold in a natural way. I haven't finished all the keys, and would like to change some a bit, but it is a lot of fun to work with.

At the moment work is piling up, additionally I am best man in two weddings, so this project has been put on hold for some time. But this is how it looks so far: (If you haven't already, check out this great blog for smears!

I also wanted to do another CG test and this time try to do some more physical than my last lipsync, and I have for a long time wanted to animate a capoeira movement. I do feel that capoeira would fit hand drawn better, but since the idea was to challenge my CG knowledge, I did it in maya. Again, only keys - need some tweaking. It is very naturalistic and I haven't taken advantage of the medium, but it's still good fun :) However, as soon as I put the curves on spline the character is really all over the place! I hope that it is just because I haven't put in everything in between, but have a feeling that I messed it up by zeroing controlls out.. I'll try to fix it ... when I get some spare time :)

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