Saturday, 8 February 2014

How COULD you...?!

When I was about 4 years old my uncle and aunt were building a house right next to ours and I decided to go down to help out. As I've been told I came down with boots high over my knees and my shorts tucked up well under my arms saying: "Hi uncle Ottar, I've come to help you out!"

Looking around I decided that moving the wheelbarrow filled with wet cement was the best way to help.

FYI a wheelbarrow filled with cement is heavy.. very heavy, and it doesn't make it any easier to be 4 years old with boots high over my knees and my shorts tucked up well under my arms. So...

Naturally, like any rational person, I turned to my uncle going: "How COULD you let me try to do this!" 

My uncle, baffled by the question, didn't know what to answer..


  1. I just had to make a comment on this ;-)
    I love the drawings! That I can actually see where you are walking with your house and the barn in the background.
    And a question:-P
    But did you think about this "my uncle and aunt were building a house" before you drew that last one with what looks like the garage and the terrace already built in the background? :-D

    Best Regards
    Kenneth Juvik.

    1. Hehe... Well, uhm.. They started in one end, so that half was done. They had a place to park the car and enjoy the sun at this point they were working on the kitchen and bedroom.. Priorities, you know :P

      Pretty bad mistake there, at least the fence in the first panel isn't finished :P

  2. haha ... i'm impressed by Kenneth's eye for details

    1. Definitely! He has always been really good at that, I think :)