Sunday, 22 February 2015

3x5 Art Challenge: Day 4 - Projects that never were ... yet

A few ideas that I've put on the shelf, for now at least. They are still being tossed and turned in my head from time to time.


When I first moved to Bournemouth, before university had started I went around photographing peoples feet. I had no real end goal other than the idea of looking for peoples personalities from their feet (A bit creepy, I know :P). I also wanted to do the same with hands. I like the idea just need to find something to unify it or focus it a bit more.


Don't have too much to say about this one other than that it was a story beat for an idea me and Katerina were thinking of developing. We got preoccupied with other ideas and life in general, but will probably/hopefully get back to this at some point.


I had this little idea of a scenario where a little girl discovers her power to create rocks when she gets close to the water, but couldn't find a satisfying and simple resolution to the idea and shelved it for now.

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