Monday, 31 October 2011

Analog photography

So a few years ago I manage to forget my digital SLR two years ago. However, this summer my mom said I could take her old analog SLR (probably from the 80s, maybe 70s) and it's been so much fun playing with. I really enjoy the thought that goes into taking a photo. In stead of just snapping 20 versions of one motive and choosing the best one. I have to think more beforehand and plan how I want it to look. Any mistakes that is there will be there.

These photos are from my summer in Norway, Luxembourg and England. None of them have had any sort of post editing. I handed them to the store and they developed them. It's been a good summer. (Fun to look back at forgotten moments - another thing I like about analog photos.) I am not really a preacher for analog photography, but personally there are things about I like that I can't get out of digital photography – and visa versa.




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